World Physiotherapy Day takes place on 8 September every year. It is the sickness of osteoarthritis that World Physiotherapy Day 2022 is focusing on.

World Physiotherapy Day 2022: Know details

Who are Physiotherapists?

They are who we go to when our body doesn’t move or function as it should normally. Our physical movement often gets broken due to factors such as injury, diseases, ageing, disorders, or health conditions. Physiotherapists are the ones who restore, develop, and maintain our maximum movement and functional ability.

World Physiotherapy Day 2022: Know details

World Physiotherapy Day: History

The date of 8 September is a tribute to ‘World Physiotherapy’ – the global organization of physiotherapists – which was founded on the same date in 1951. World Physiotherapy Day is being observed annually since 1996.

World Physiotherapy Day: Significance

The Day is observed to promote awareness about and recognition of the crucial contribution physiotherapists are making in the world by enabling people to be mobile, well, and independent. The other objectives are…

  • To improve global health and wellbeing by increasing access to physiotherapy for all
  • To advance their expertise through research and innovations
  • To protect the interest of the profession and professionals, world over
  • To guide and influence governments in framing policies regarding physiotherapy
  • To further recognition and respect for physiotherapists

How World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated

  • Various functions, activities, and seminars are organized by member organisations to mark the day.
  • The World Physiotherapy Day celebrations have had a positive impact on the profession’s profile and standing with both the public and policymakers.

The day is an opportunity for the world to recognise the work that physiotherapists do for their patients in particular and the world in general. Through the celebration, the organization aims to contribute to overall global health and well-being by advocating universal access to physiotherapy for all.

What is World Physiotherapy Organization?

  • World Physiotherapy, formally known as World Confederation for Physical Therapy, is a UK-based non-profit organisation.
  • 125 countries including India and over 685,000 physiotherapists are members of World Physiotherapy.
  • Many member countries have their national physiotherapy days, weeks and months. However, with no designated day of their own, celebrate it on 8 September.
World Physiotherapy Day 2022: Know details


  • India has been a member country of World Physiotherapy since 1967 through the organisation named ‘Indian Association of Physiotherapists.’
  • Over 12,000 Indian physiotherapists are members of World Physiotherapy.

The World Physiotherapy Congress

World Physiotherapy holds a large international scientific congress every two years. The one in 2021 had to happen online due to Corona Pandemic Lockdown while the next in 2023 will take place in Dubai, UAE from 2-4 June 2023.
The objective is to provide a global platform for physiotherapists for sharing research, innovations and ideas. Stakeholders use this platform to discuss implications across research, education, management, policy and clinical practice.

World Physiotherapy Awards

  • ‘World Physiotherapy’ gives away awards across several categories every four years.
  • The most recent awards were presented in Geneva, Switzerland, in May 2019 while the next batch of awards will be distributed at Dubai 2023 Congress.
  • Physiotherapists are honoured for their service and contribution to society and the profession through these awards.

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