WORLD ANIMAL WELFARE DAY: History, Theme, Significance & More


World Animal Welfare Day is celebrated on October 4 every year to raise awareness about improving the welfare standards of animals across the globe. The Day is observed in different countries around the globe by organizing various campaigns, contests, events, and workshops to educate humans about sharing the planet with other living organisms.

Animal Welfare Day is a global initiative for the welfare of animals that educates humans about the significance of animals in nature and their role in maintaining the ecological balance.

Why do we celebrate Animal Welfare Day?

World Animal Welfare Day celebration is an animal welfare movement that pushes global countries to make the world a better place for all animals.

  • The Day focuses on creating awareness about the effects of people and their behaviour towards animals.
  • World Animal Day aims to ensure rescue shelters for the animals, raise funds, launch animal welfare programs and conduct activities that would help raise standards for welfare and provide better conditions for animals.
  • The Day spreads awareness about cruelty to animals.

Theme of World Animal Welfare Day 2022

  • The theme has been set up for World Animal Day for the first time.
  • The theme for the animal day is a ‘shared planet’.
  • This theme specifies that the Earth belongs to every living creature and not just the human species.
  • As a human being, one should never exploit the whole world just for selfishness. Instead, humans should share it equally among all living creatures. That’s why every animal on Earth deserves to be treated well.
  • The Day is a reminder that essential work must be done to address the plight of animals in the domestic and wild worlds.

History of World Animal Welfare Day

  • Animal Welfare Day was first observed on March 24, 1925, by the animal protection activist Heinrich Zimmermann.
  • Presently the celebration of the Day is spearheaded by Naturewatch Foundation, a UK-based animal welfare charity.
  • World Animal Welfare Day is celebrated in commemoration of Francis of Assisi’s birthday, the patron saint of ecology.
  • The Day is also known as ‘Animal Lovers Day‘ as it promotes affection, care and protection of animals with the support of organizations and individuals who work for the rights of animals.

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Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI)

Animal Welfare Board is a statutory and advisory body for the Government of India. The aim of this body is to advise on animal welfare laws and promote animal welfare.

  • The Animal Welfare Board was established in 1962 under Section 4 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960.
  • The Board consists of 28 members who serve for a period of 3 years.
  • AWBI works to make sure that animal welfare laws in the country are followed and provides grants to Animal Welfare Organisations.

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