Kashiyatra, IIT (BHU), Varanasi’s annual socio-cultural event, is back in 2022 for its 39th rendition with the theme “A Cultural Resurgence.” The event took place from April 1 to 3, 2022.

Kashiyatra aimed to mesmerize its audience with enchanting Literary, Musical and Artistic events, Book Conclaves, and ProNites.

Kashiyatra: IIT BHU Annual Social Cultural Fest

Kashiyatra is housed in the holy city of Varanasi, the city older than history and with a cultural canvas as intricate as its gullies and offers a window into the hidden turnings of the city’s soul.

Owing to the ongoing global pandemic, Kashiyatra this year resorted to the online medium.

Its sponsors include some of the biggest companies like Ultratech, 9xm, Daily Hunt, Growfitter, Spartan Poker and SECL, opening the doors to its events to countless students who couldn’t have attended otherwise.

There were amazing events lined across the following categories:

ABHINAY: From lively street plays to spectacular mime acts to the finest mono acts and astonishing stage plays, Abhinay has something for every dramatics enthusiast.

BANDISH: The Indian Music Event of Kashiyatra. Bandish comprises solo singing, duets, band performances, soulful acoustic performances, instrumental and jaw-dropping original compositions.

CROSSWINDS: Western Music Band Event of Kashiyatra. Let the music begin as crosswinds offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent.

ENQUIZTA: The Quizzing Event of Kashiyatra. This event witnesses quizzes on music, entertainment and literature, travel and culture, sports, biz tech, India and a general quiz.

NATRAJ: The Dance Event of Kashiyatra. From group dance to duet dance to solo dance to energetic street dance, get ready to express it your way.

SAMWAAD: The Literary Event of Kashiyatra. From poetry to stand up comedy to JAM sessions to debates to word games to creative writing, Samwaad has everything in store for you.

TOOLIKA: The Fine Arts Event of Kashiyatra. Toolika provides you with an excellent opportunity to exhibit your artistic prowess, Get ready to dive deep into the world of art.

Kashiyatra not only provides a generation with a cultural disconnect an opportunity to rediscover their roots but also a prestigious platform for those willing to showcase their talents.

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