Indian Air Force Day 2022: India will celebrate IAF Day on October 8th, with 80 aircraft taking to the skies in glory


October 8th, every year, is observed as Indian Air Force Day. The country celebrates Indian Air Force Day to pay homage to the Air Force of India and to acknowledge the excellence the country has displayed in this field.

Indian Air Force Day was inaugurated in 1932. This year will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Indian Air Force.

The 8th of October reminds us of the establishment of the Indian Air Force (IAF) to assist the army fighting on the ground. The day also focuses on increasing awareness about the IAF, also known as “Bhartiya Vayu Sena” an organization which is known for enhancing national security and authority.

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This day itself spreads love for India and the efforts and sacrifices of the armed forces. Indian Air Force Day encourages future generations to dream of being a part of the force. This day is educational as it reminds us of our history and speaks of several events that required the help of the air force. On this day, everyone comes together to pay tribute to the air force, regardless of their social class or gender.

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Indian Air Force Day: History

The Indian Air Force did a lot of practice to excel on the battlefields. However, the resilience of the officers ensured that the force attained success and became one of the strongest in the world. The IAF began with six RAF-trained officers and approximately 19 air soldiers. Their inventory contained four Westland Wapiti IIA army cooperation biplanes. This was not compared with other countries in the world that have dozens of strong air forces. After four years, a flight took off towards North Waziristan to support the Indian Army against rebel Bhittani tribesmen.

In April 1936, a “B” flight was formed on the vintage Wapiti, and in 1938, a “C” flight was raised to take the number 1 squadron. At the time, the Indian Air Force’s strength had grown significantly.

After some years, training structures have become critical for the force. The RAF flying instructors had been assigned to give training to the volunteers and those who were interested. By that time, training was given at seven clubs in British India and some in the princely States. After some years, the training provided to the individuals and the government, who gave extra attention to the force made squadrons as the best flyers in the world.

India’s Air Force: Timeline

In 1932, the Indian Air Force was created to support the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom.
In 1933, the first flight took place.
In 1942, the Indian Air Force lost its six aircraft due to the bombings by Japan.
In 2022, Arjan Singh is granted the rank of Marshall of the Air Force, and he becomes the first officer with a five-star.

This year, Indian Air Force Day will be celebrated at Chandigarh’s Sukhana lake. This is the first time the parade and fly past have been shifted from Delhi and will be hosted in Chandigarh. This is the idea of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the rest of the countries should also get a feel and to government functions. The day will put up a grand show with around 80 aircraft.


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