3 October 2022 Daily Current Affairs: YUVA 2.0 Scheme, Brazil Election, Jal Jeevan Mission


62% of rural households in the country have working tap water connections: Water Resources Ministry

It’s an impressive increase of 10% as the the number was just 52% in June.
When a household receives at least 55 litres of drinking water per capita per day throughout the year, we call it a fully functional tap water connection.

95% of surveyed households have acceptable limits of pH values.
The Jal Jeevan Mission aims to bring potable water in all rural households of India through tap connections within their premises. The deadline to complete the mission is 2024.
Centre funds 50% of the cost while the rest is contributed by states and Union Territories. For Union Territories without a legislature, 100% cost is paid by the centre.


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